Poor old Dads often get the wrong end of the stick when it comes to gifts. Undies, socks, tie's, tools and let's not forget the good old car washing kit!


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Cuts of Beef
by sounas.

From Visually.

Do you often hear from your trainer, nutritionist or health-conscious friends that you should avoid grain-fed meat and switch to organic grass-fed meat? Do you think it’s all just an expensive fad and don’t really care whether the cow you are having for dinner was fed grass or grains as long as it’s cooked the way you like it? As a devoted meat lover, I didn’t used to care either and ate any meat, any time… until I did my research and found some interesting facts from credible scientific sources. Let me share my findings…

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Have you been training really hard and eating little but your weight (fat) doesn’t seem to shift? You are likely to be inflamed. Good news is that you can reduce the inflammation (and start losing weight) by simple changes to your lifestyle! We will teach you how.

What inflammation does to your body?
Although inflammation is an important and necessary protective response by the body, chronic inflammation is linked to many disease states and it’s considered to be a significant factor in premature aging and development of overweight/obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes type 2, arthritis, irritable bowel disorders, periodontal disease, skin disorders, autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease, autism, osteoporosis, cancer and mental disease (Alzheimer’s and Dementia). Preventing chronic inflammation is necessary as terminating chronic inflammation and bringing it under control is a difficult and lengthy process.

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Most of us grew up thinking that we need to ‘carb load’ on sugary cereals every single morning in order to be healthy and perform well. While this type of breakfast can be beneficial for a marathon runner or Ironman, it won’t do your health and waistline much justice if your job entitles mainly pushing paper, surfing the net or running new software. If your aim is to get fitter and more energetic, you need to ditch the processed sweetness and switch to a ‘protein breakfast’, which by the way also contains low glycaemic index carbohydrates and ‘good’ fats.

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Okay so we get it… It’s Christmas and Christmas is traditionally a time to eat, drink and be merry with family and friends!

And, although here at Hexey we are passionate about eating food for good health, we are in no way the Christmas lunch police.

However if you are one of the many people who have been focused on their diet and health throughout 2016, you may be starting to feel a little worried about the Christmas period and what it will do to your waistline.

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Okay, maybe ten times is hyperbole… but it got your attention right?

Seriously though, sometimes the trick to sticking to a healthy diet more effectively is just knowing the right meals and combinations of foods that you can enjoy in order to save yourself time in the kitchen while keeping your diet nutritious and low in calories!

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Food – Myth or Truth?

We all have certain beliefs and behaviours around food. Some people will eat leftovers that have been left for them in a container on the benchtop. Some of us defrost meat on the sink, some in the microwave.

But do any of us really know what we should be doing to avoid a severe case of food poisoning?

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