My wife is the fitness expert for Women’s Fitness Magazine so we’ve always had a very healthy diet but since being with Hexey I’ve gained muscle as well as leaning out which I was struggling to do before. Obviously Hexey is very clean and healthy food but I think the key reasons it’s made a difference for me have been consistency and variety which is hard to achieve by yourself, especially if you’re extremely busy like we are. When we take into account how much time we used to spend shopping and how much food we used to waste because it would go off, Hexey is very compelling.

My transformation with Men's Health was also fueled by the freshest most nutrient dense food from HEXEY - made my life so simple and easy so i could focus on burning calories to reach my ultimate fitness goal. Thanks Team Hexey for all your support and feeding me throughout my journey  !

Hexey has made my life so much easier and has taken all the guesswork out of healthy eating. It gives me time to focus on what's important to me, career, family, and my love for fitness and the outdoors.  I have tried numerous other meal delivery services and none compare to the quality and freshness of Hexey. The food is restaurant quality and has assisted me in maintaining my goal weight and healthy strong body. It allows me to operate at an optimum level, keeping my mind strong and on the job.

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